Affinity 0.1

Affinity project is a desktop search tool which provides a front-end to various desktop information.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Neil J. Patel
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
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Affinity project is a desktop search tool which provides a front-end to various desktop information.

Affinty is a desktop search tool, which hopes to provide a quick way to get at all the different information on your desktop. It achieves this by having various back-ends, but implemented through one standard interface.

Here are some key features of "Affinity":

· Front-end to both the Beagle & Tracker desktop search engines.
· Has actions (configurable through Desktop files), whihc speed up common tasks.
· Has in-built, user-configurable, filters which work in the the entry box, so typing 'pics:london' will only bring up pictures.
· Super-fast application searching through an in-built list of applications.
· Colours can be customised to your taste.
· Lives in the system-tray, but can be called by a global key stroke. Default is Ctrl+Alt+a, but you can change it to anything you like!
· Written in C for minimal impact on your system, but maximum speed!


· Pressing Ctrl-L in the main search window will focus the entry widget.
· Pressing Esc will hide the Affinity window.
· The default global keystroke is Alt>A, this will hide or un-hide Affinity.
· You can configure the global keystroke by navigating to /apps/affinity in gconf-editor, and changing the global_key_binding value. You must restart Affinity for the changes to take effect.
· Use affinity-preferences to changes colours, filters & system applications.
· When you change a colour in affinity-preferences, you may need to hide/show the window for the changes to take effect.
· Clicking on the notification area icon will show/hide the window, right-clicking will bring up a pop-up menu that will allow you to exit Affinity.


· Scrolling up & down fast on the tree view will leave artifacts, which disappear if you run your mouse over it or press a button.
· If it segfaults, please try svn.


· gnome-vfs-2.0 and devel
· gtk+2.0 >= 2.10 and devel
· libgnome and devel
· gconf-2.0 and devel
· gnome-desktop and devel
· beagle and devel

SVN Installation:

· Open a terminal and type

svn checkout affinity-search

(you must have subversion installed)

· then run:

sudo make install

Last updated on March 17th, 2007

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