iRaveH20 33.2

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iRaveH20 3 GTK theme has been split into two versions. There is now Night Edition and Lights Edition. This means Dark or Light Themes are available!

Night Edition - gives your desktop a dark coloured theme and panel
Lights Edition - gives your desktop a light coloured theme and panel.

iRaveH20 3 (for Gnome/XFCE) is an original Linux Theme (and not based on copyrighted themes) that aims to be unique, shiny,pretty and NOT dull like other simple themes/engines. (no offence) It brings a unique beautiful/glossy desktop to rival Windows(TM) and Macosx(TM) in appearance and style. But in it's own way! It goes a different direction from most themes aiming for eye candy but minimal resource consumption!

This Theme Provides Windows Borders and a Unique Widget Theme (GTK2 + Metacity Theme)

Grab the iRaveH20 3 Icon Theme! (seen in the image) now out!

Produced By the iRaveFuzion OpenSource Team! Visit Us for all you Artwork/Useablity Needs!

You can Install this theme on any open source desktop with the Gnome or XFCE Desktop. (or any GTK for that Matter)

EZ (Howto Install)
1.) Right Click on Desktop
2.) Click Change Background
3.) Click on the themes tab
4.) Drag The Theme Package you just downloaded to the theme window, to auto install!
(!) Download Includes pre-packed Theme, Change log and howto install (Advanced) Methods.
Last updated on April 13th, 2010
iRaveH20 3 - iRaveH20 3 GTK themeiRaveH20 3 - iRaveH20 3 GTK themeiRaveH20 3 - iRaveH20 3 GTK theme

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