Rezlooks GTK Engine 0.6

Rezlooks is a GTK theme engine based on the cairo-enabled CVS Clearlooks engine code.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 18
Doug Whiteley
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Themes
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Rezlooks GTK EngineRezlooks GTK EngineRezlooks GTK Engine
Rezlooks is a GTK theme engine based on the cairo-enabled CVS Clearlooks engine code.

It basically strips all the stuff from clearlooks that I don't like. The lack of rounded corners is probably the most obvious change, but there are various other smaller changes too. It should also be faster than clearlooks from cvs because in order to make my changes I stripped down the code somewhat.

This engine can happily be installed alongside clearlooks, or any other engine as far as I know.

The themes are basically the same as clearlooks themes, just change the engine from clearlooks to rezlooks in the gtkrc file of the theme you want to convert. I've also included a couple of themes ready for this engine for you to download if you like. These are Rezlooks-Gilouche, based on the Suse Gilouche gtk theme, and Rezlooks-graphite, based on Clearlooks-graphite which was made by lokheed.

NOTE: If you've installed it fine but when you try to use one of the themes you get the old default gtk engine, try installing again after running "./configure --prefix=/usr"

There seems to be some (understandable) confusion between the Rezlooks gtk engine and the rezlooks set of themes that I uploaded to gnome-look ( back in february. To clarify, those themes were basically the precursor to this theme engine, they came with a small patch to the clearlooks source which got rid of the rounded corners. This theme engine is the logical continuation of that, in that it continues the process of making clearlooks more in tune with my tastes. I won't be updating those themes to use this engine, I'll leave them in case someone wants to use the colours without installing this theme engine.


GTK 2.x

What's New in This Release:

More code cleanup
Added new style grips
menubarstyle changes: 0 = flat, 1 = gradient, 2 = striped gradient

Last updated on April 22nd, 2008

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