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GNOME themes powered by the Murrine engine





Developer comments

I created these theme to blend some of the new features of the Murrine engine (particularly the rounding) with some of the features I liked from other themes. After working for a couple of days to put these features together, along with the excellent color schemes from the GNOME-Colors project, this theme pack was born. I felt like the name "Unity" fit because these themes created a sense of similarity or unity between various elements without being either too boring or too outlandish. Or at least to me they do.

I'm by no means an expert with GTK and Metacity themes, so I'm sure there's room for improvement. I've tried to test these themes as thoroughly as possible on my native distribution (Arch Linux) so hopefully there aren't any glaring errors. If you have any feedback you'd like to share, please feel free to e-mail me.

If you're using these themes, I recommend also using the GNOME-Colors Icons by perfectska04 (Victor C.):

Murrine Unity Themes is a GTK theme licensed under the GPL. You're welcome to modify, release, and distribute these themes however you wish. Improve them, package them for your favorite distribution, share them...but most of all, I hope you enjoy using them!


GTK Theme
This theme requires a GIT version of the Murrine GTK engine, which supports rounded tabs, buttons, scrollbars, etc. Arch Linux users can install the "gtk-engine-murrine-git" package from the AUR to meet this requirement (the package in the Community repo isn't new enough to work as of the release date of this theme). Other distributions may have similar packages available.

Based on "Simply Basic" theme by LordPickle (William Middleton):

Color schemes from the GNOME-Colors project by perfectska04 (Victor C.):

Panel background image and general inspiration from Murrine-Colors theme by perfectska04 (Victor C.):

Metacity Theme
Based on Metacity portion of "Masa-Colors Unity" theme by klausdiemaus (Benjamin Hardy):

How to install?

· Right click on your desktop and select Change Desktop Background
· Click on the first tab: Theme
· Drag and drop the theme's archive in the Appearance Preferences window.
· If everything is OK, you will receive a confirmation message and you can activate the theme just by clicking on it.

About GNOME:

GNOME is an international effort to build a complete desktop environment—the graphical user interface which sits on top of a computer operating system—entirely from free software. This goal includes creating software development frameworks, selecting application software for the desktop, and working on the programs which manage application launching, file handling, and window and task management.

GNOME is part of the GNU Project and can be used with various Unix-like operating systems, most notably Linux, and as part of Java Desktop System in Solaris.

The name originally stood for GNU Network Object Model Environment, though this acronym is deprecated. The GNOME project puts heavy emphasis on simplicity, usability, and making things “just work”.
Last updated on January 18th, 2011
Murrine Unity Themes - Murrine Unity Themes

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