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A dark theme for GNOME 3






Marples-black is a GTK3 theme, for those who like dark themes. It is currently alpha/beta, so expect the odd bug, as well ~ you can report them. Marples is based on Marp-1-blue (there is a link further down). but is also very different, as it has been heavily modified.

A few comments about the theme, as well as some additions...

*A quick disclaimer - i am working on this a little everyday, so changes happen fast. Once, i complete this theme, i will then remix it into a lighter marples theme *


The gtk2/3 menus were re-thought. they will look best with transparency. The menus are styled similar to word captions and certain modern widgets in OSX (black plastic/glass) ~ with compiz, the transparency can be enabled;

Marples menus now look (almost) identical in both gtk2/3. there borders are drawn with gradients to add depth, plastic/glassy styling. when hovering over menu entries the 'border-image' has been simplified, as a 1 pixel wide, translucent gray frame. there is also 'accelerator' highlights.


Scrollbars: the scrollbars have suble gradients, and translucency in some apps. I have put some detail into the prelight / active indicators (in this case the scrollbar button border). I've match up gtk2/3 fairly well, but there is still a lot of work to be done in gtk2 on this theme ;)


This theme also has partial 'transparent windows' support (like rgba in gnome2). ~ as seen in the 'transparency' screenshot, and also visible in gnome-terminal 'tabs' gtk-widget. This sort of happened by accident, but eventually, maybe it will be possible to have more transparency ~ feel free to dive in and figure that one out! FAQ: it would appear mutter does not support window transparency, sorry gnome-shell users, i might re-do my menus for GS users ~ if asked, as i could see plain-solid black, not being quite as nice, without transparency.
Last updated on October 12th, 2012
Marples-black - Marples-black GTK themeMarples-black - Marples-black GTK themeMarples-black - Marples-black GTK theme

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