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Linux Mint theme powered by the Equinox GTK engine




Equinox Mint is based on the Equinox Ambiance theme by yowky.

Developer comments

Modified by tbbowser. This is my second modified theme. Please leave comments.

You will need the Shiki-Wise Icon set, which is labeled as "gnome-wise-icon-theme" in your repositories.

This theme was inspired by Linux Mint, which was recently installed on my laptop.

To change buttons to the left (this is option is you want to change it), you have two options:

1.) Use Ubuntu Tweak and go to Desktop->Window Manager Settings, uncheck "Custom" (if checked), then click on "left" (if already selected after unchecking "Custom," click on \"right\" then "left" to correct.

2.) Use gconf-editor, go to apps->metacity->general, double-click on "button-layout," and replace with "close,minimize,maximize:"

Linux Mint 9 users have a third option now to change this. Go to Preferences->Desktop Settings->Windows, and change the Button Layout from "Traditional Style (Right)" to "Mac Style (Left)" if you wish.
Last updated on May 25th, 2010
Equinox Mint - Equinox Mint GTK themeEquinox Mint - Equinox Mint GTK theme

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