Equinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary 2.1

A Leopard-like theme for your GNOME desktop

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What's new in Equinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary 2.1:

  • Added Metal-themed Metacity to Metal themes.
  • Fixed inactive text colors in Dark themes.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Trent Burch-Bowser
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Themes
3 Equinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary Screenshots:
Equinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary - Equinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary GTK themeEquinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary - Equinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary GTK themeEquinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary - Equinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary GTK theme
Equinox Leopard-Standard and Elementary is a modified version of the Equinox Leopard theme, based on the Equinox Engine 1.20, Mac OSX look, and the Aurura Leopard theme.

Developer comments

The file comes with two folders that must be extracted into your ~/.themes folder. Do not install them in your Appearance window.

The first folder is marked "Equinox Leopard 2" (the first version I developed was for the previous Equinox Engine). This was designed for those that use the standard version of Nautilus and all other applications without any modifications. Screenshot one shows this.

The second folder is marked "Equinox Elementary Leopard." This version was designed with the idea that those who use Elementary Nautilus without the menu bar and/or who also use gnome-globalmenu that the toolbar and title bar blend perfectly. Otherwise, the menu bar blends with the title bar and the toolbar looks raised, which is still a nice look (though this applies to those apps in which gnome-globalmenu cannot remove the menu bar). Screenshot two and three show this.

Both do not have a panel active for two reasons:
1. A panel background is also added to the file that is a see-through png file. Extract that where ever you wish, right-click on the panel, go to Properties, click on the Background tab, pick the third option, navigate to where the panel background is, and apply.
2. I want the user to use whatever background they wish. However, the original, non-transparent panel_bg.png files are still present. To use them, use gedit, go to either themes\' gtkrc file in the gtk-2.0 folder, search for that file in the text, and remove \"#\" to uncomment it. Save and refresh the theme,

The theme still uses the default button arrangement on the right as there are those who prefer them there. To change to the left, press Alt+F2, type in gconf-editor, go to apps->metacity->general->button layout, and type "close,minimize,maximize:menu" to change them.

Metacity was also modified to be more similar to the colors of the buttons found on the Mac, as well as added a menu button.

For those that want to know, the icons used is a mix of LaGaDesk-remix-II, MacUltimate Leopard, and Ubuntu-Mono-Light. I don't plan on releasing this blend until I'm more satisfied with the mixture.

Last updated on August 25th, 2010


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