Embassy 0.5

Embassy is a new theme for all KDE lovers out there.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Themes
3 Embassy Screenshots:
Embassy is a new theme for all KDE lovers out there.

The theme contains a scheme for QtCurve and for the Konsole, a background for the kicker and the theme file of course.


Style: QtCurve 0.34 or newer (do not use QtCurve 0.33 - see below)
Window Decoration: Crystal
Icons: Vista-Inspirate
KMenu Replacement: KBFX
Taskbar: Taskbar V2
(Optional) Desktop Monitor: Conky


Download and extract the archive:

tar jxvf embassy.tar.bz2

To install the theme open the theme manager:

Run KControl
Go to Appearances & Themes -> Theme Manager
Click on Install New Theme...
Go to the directory, where you have extracted the archive and choose the file Embassy.kth

To install the qtcurve settings:

Run KControl
Go to Appearances & Themes -> Style
Select QtCurve as widget style.
Click on Configure...
Click on Import... and import the file embassy.qtcurve.

Configure kbfx kicker to use the Embassy background:

Configure the KDE Panel
Go to Appearance
Select Enable background picture image.
Choose the file kicker/[size]/embassy_kickerbg.png, where [size] should match the size of your kicker.
Add KBFX to your kicker.
Go to Appearances & Themes -> kbfx Apple
On the page Button Skin, select the pixmaps from the folder kicker/[size]/:
embassy_kbfx_normal.png for the Normal Pixmap
embassy_kbfx_hover.png for the Hover Pixmap
embassy_kbfx_normal.png for the Normal Pixmap

For the tiny size, the KDE Logo is not shiny, but there also shiny pixmap alternatives available in the folder kicker/tiny/.
Lock the kicker, so that KBFX is at the leftmost position.

To install the konsole schema:

Go to the directory, where you have extracted the archive.
Copy the file Embassy.schema to ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/
Open the konsole and select Settings -> Schema -> Embassy
Select Settings -> Save as Default

Configure the crystal window decoration: See the screenshots contained in the archive. There is a screenshot for each configurationpage available. The monitor application you can see on my desktop in the lower right is called Conky. It does not work on the KDE desktop, when you enable the icons. I don't use icons on the desktop, so I don't mind. Here is my conkyrc file. Have fun!

What's New in This Release:

Includes KBFX themes for the kicker sizes tiny, small, normal and large.
New and GPLed wallpaper.
Changed color scheme.

Last updated on November 2nd, 2007

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