Compact-Colors 3.2

Compact-Colors contains a pack of compact themes rendered in three different engines.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.7/5 31
Victor C.
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Themes
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Compact-Colors is a compact version of my Clearlooks/Murrine/Nodoka-Colors themes. This theme is aimed for low-res devices (eeepc) and space enthusiasts.

It features a simple, fast and native interface with many color options. It's also designed with new linux users in mind, by providing simple, thorough instructions. A matching set of Wallpapers, GDM themes and Usplash screens can also be downloaded below.

There are four color variations (Orange, Blue, Green, Red) and TWO designs; light and dark. You can create even more color-schemes through GNOME's appearance preferences, using the included tango palette for color suggestions!

This pack includes 8 different themes rendered in three different GTK engines, for a total of 24 unique themes!

Important, must read or clowns will eat you:
- Murrine version is designed for the murrine engine 0.53.1
- Clearlooks version is designed for Ubuntu Hardy/Gnome 2.22
- Nodoka version will only work with nodoka engine 0.7+

- You MUST extract the downloaded file.
The resulting files contain the three different versions of the theme.

- Inside the gtkrc files there are extensive line-by-line instructions and tips for customizing most aspects of the theme!

- This theme uses gradient panel backgrounds by default. If you plan to use
Transparent/Custom panels, please disable my panels by editing either the gtkrc or panel.rc files like the included instructions tell you to.

- My X-Colors metacity borders are not selected by default, due to their
non-conservative nature. You can choose them in gnome's appearance preferences if you wish to use them.

- Some linux apps are not too friendly to dark themes yet. It's up to their
developers to improve this. Keep this in mind when using any dark theme.

- If you want root applications to be themed, you must type in a terminal:
sudo ln -s /home/{username}/.themes /root "{username}" should be replaced with your actual username.


· GTK 2.x
· GNOME 2.x
Murrine engine

What's New in This Release:

· Minor bugfixes, mostly to clearlooks/nodoka.
· Fixed text color in dark theme menus.
· Less hue to green themes for better integration with popular green icon themes.
· Updated emerald theme gradients.
· Lighter menu item colors.

Last updated on May 24th, 2008

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