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A theme that looks best with the black and white 2 icon theme





Azel is a GTK theme that looks best with the black and white 2 icon theme. It's also designed to work with or without the globalmenu hack.


- Extract the Azel-Pack archive anywhere you want and install Azel and Azel-Regular through the theme manager.

- Select the Azel window border if you prefer buttons on the left (as in the screenshot) or Azel Regular if you prefer them on the right.

- If you have selected the Azel window border , open gconf-editor, go to apps->metacity-> general and change the button_layout to close,maximize,minimize:menu .

- If you are using compiz , open gconf-editor, go to apps->gwd and set metacity_theme_opacity to 1 . Then, go to apps->compiz->plugins->decoration->allscreens->options and set shadow_opacity to 0.85 , shadow_radius to 8.5 , shadow_x_offset to 0 and shadow_y_offset to 4 .

- If you are using the deskbar applet, go to the theme folder and sudo cp -R deskbar-applet-panel-h.png /usr/share/deskbar-applet/art/ .

- There is also included a chrome folder for firefox inside the gtk theme folder.

- If you are not using the globalmenu applet , uncomment (remove the # symbol) the line include "no-globalmenu.rc" on the bottom of the theme's gtkrc file.

- If you are using Mplayer , extract the contents of the Azel-mplayer archive into ~/.mplayer/skins.

About GNOME:

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GNOME is part of the GNU Project and can be used with various Unix-like operating systems, most notably Linux, and as part of Java Desktop System in Solaris.

The name originally stood for GNU Network Object Model Environment, though this acronym is deprecated. The GNOME project puts heavy emphasis on simplicity, usability, and making things “just work”.
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