An Xfce Christmas

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A Christmas theme for your Xfce desktop




An Xfce Christmas is a series of GTK, Xfwm, and icon themes created to help you get into the Christmas spirit. The contents are as follows:

* There are 5 GTK themes, 3 of which are shown in the first screenshot. All of these contain red and/or a shade of green that I refer to as "Christmas green" to make your desktop look festive.

* There are 2 Xfwm themes, both based on the Kokodi theme that comes with Xfce, with the minimize, maximize, and close buttons replaced either by Christmas lights or Christmas tree ornaments.

* There are 4 icon themes with your choice of green, white, gold, or red folders. These icon themes are based on a combination of the Simple icon theme, the Oxygen-Refit series of icon themes, and my own ideas to give them that Christmas touch.

* I have also included a link to two Emerald themes I have created for this as well on, available with Christmas lights or Christmas ornaments for minimize, maximize, and close buttons. For something extra special to make your Windows- or Mac-using friends jealous, add the Compiz falling snow plugin for that extra-special Christmas touch.

Merry Christmas!
Last updated on November 23rd, 2011
An Xfce Christmas - An Xfce Christmas GTK themeAn Xfce Christmas - An Xfce Christmas GTK themeAn Xfce Christmas - An Xfce Christmas GTK theme

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