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This theme is a customization of the Adwaita theme






Adwaita Elements is a GTK theme, a customization of the Adwaita theme with a lot of inspiration from Elementary & Clearlooks Revamped.

*hence* the name Adwaita Elements.

As i pointed out earlier this theme is heavily inspired by the Elementary theme, so it may look very similiar. The current goal of the theme is to mix the things i like from Adwaita and the things i like from Elementary, and possibly some other themes.

The Metacity theme is based on the code from Gilouche with more or less all of it\'s code rewritten. There\'s a 4px border under the windows similiar to what you might find in Openbox/Fluxbox/Blackbox themes.

Gnome-terminal have also gotten it\'s own scrollbar that\'s meant to blend in as much as possible with a transparent background.

The theme is very young - so some things might not look optimized yet, i am going to update the theme regulary as possible.

Things to be tweaked:

1) Fix GTK2 theme to look as identical to the GTK3 theme as possible.

2) Window close/maximize/minimize/restore buttons:
*I am most probably not going to use the buttons from the Elementary Metacity theme*

3) Buttons:
Need to find out whenever i can draw an inner & outer stroke with Adwaita.
Last updated on June 15th, 2013
Adwaita Elements - Adwaita Elements GTK theme

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