Xtra Screen Hacks 0.7

Xtra Screen Hacks is a collection of graphics display modes that are meant to be run with a daemon such as XScreenSaver.
Xtra Screen Hacks
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Xtra Screen Hacks is a collection of graphics display modes that are meant to be run with a daemon such as XScreenSaver.

"Daisy" draws spinning flowers, and "Twinkle" draws a twinkling star field.

Compilation of Xtra Screen Hacks depends only on xlib.


The configure script is not up and running yet, so the Makefiles and config.h are hacked versions of the ones xscreensaver's configure script generated on the author's machine. If your system differs from the author's (i686 Debian GNU/Linux) then the build will probably not work for you, unless you hack the Makefiles and possibly config.h to modify the variables and defines.

If the Makefiles and config.h are ok, then simply run

$ make

to generate the binaries. They will be in the hacks directory.
If you have a copy of XScreensaver installed from the tarball, run

$ make install

If not, you will need to copy the files to their target directories by hand. Search for deluxe, deluxe.xml, and deluxe.1 (or deluxe.man, deluxe.6x.gz, etc) using locate, find, or whereis to figure out where they should go. The binaries and xml files must be in the correct directories
to work properly with xscreensaver-demo.

You will need to add entries to your .xscreensaver file by hand. Open $HOME/.xscreensaver in your favorite text editor and paste the following two lines into the "programs" section:

- daisy -root n
- twinkle -root n

Then run xscreensaver-demo to activate and configure the hacks.

If you don't have XScreensaver at all, just enjoy the hacks in an X window.

If make install worked for you, type

$ make uninstall

when you no longer want the new screen hacks.

last updated on:
March 28th, 2011, 12:00 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Kelley Nielse
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Screensavers
Xtra Screen Hacks
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2 Screenshots
Xtra Screen Hacks
What's New in This Release:
  • New Hack: Psychedelic, a reproduction of old school color cycling animation. Thus far includes the classic hack Smoking Clover, originally by Bill Gospers.
  • A complete and working build system is finally in place! The configure script no longer checks for bogus dependencies, but does check for all the real ones.
  • Fixed bug in Soma that caused the pieces to be drawn in black in mono mode.
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