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Sherman's aquarium is a screen saver, dock app, and GNOME applet with swimming fish.





Sherman's aquarium is a screen saver, a GNOME panel applet, and a dock applet that provides an aquarium with fish and/or turtles.

In applet mode, it can display lots of information, such as CPU load, temperatures, memory usage, and many other things. Both the applet and the screensaver are very configurable.

This is a xscreensaver hack, a wm (window maker) applet and gnome applet too, that gives you an aquarium with some randomly selected fish that live there. Well, to tell you the truth, you can get some other sea animals in your aquarium too.

Some other features this program gives you, except for the part that it gives you an aquarium with fishes that takes care of itself, no feeding, no cleaning and so on, is that the temperature scale on the right side shows the CPU load.

It can also be configurated to display the time and show the status of numlock, capslock and scrollock. The fishes are done by Jim Toomey, the author of the "Sherman's Lagoon" comics. (See the README file for more information about that.)


· gtk+ >=2.2.0
· Optional libraries are libSDL and GAI
Last updated on April 25th, 2005
Sherman's aquarium - screenshot #1Sherman's aquarium - screenshot #2

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