MyGamercard Screenlet 0.8

A screenlet which shows your xbox live gamercard or your steamcard at your desktop.

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What's new in MyGamercard Screenlet 0.8:

  • All in one screenlet (xbox/steam), myxbox/ mysteamid button, default theme fix (thanks Deeack).
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Oscar Rodriguez
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Screenlets
2 MyGamercard Screenlet Screenshots:
MyGamercard Screenlet - MyGamercard ScreenletMyGamercard Screenlet - MyGamercard Screenlet
MyGamercard Screenlet is a GTK screenlet which shows your Xbox live gamercard or your steamcard at your desktop. It takes gamercard pictures from,, and


- When you set update interval = 0, the gamercard only updates one time just after screenlet start. (Screenlet tab)

- As you can see at the screenshots, there's a new button on the gamercard. With it, you can access to myxbox or mysteamid directly from your desktop

- You can learn how to add new themes reading the file "Themes"

- Creating two instances of the screenlet you can have your steamcard and gamercard @ your desktop without any problem.

- Scaling the screenlet will make your gamercard ugly, It's not created by svg images like others screenlets. Moreover, the "myxbox/mysteamid" button It's not shown when the screenlet it's scaled.

- If you are using, for example, kde or another desktop environment, change: 'gnome-open' on the line 39 of the file with the command of your favourite webbrowser, like 'firefox' or 'opera'. I hope to fix this with other bugs on one final release.

About Screenlets:

Screenlets is the name of both a set of independently-developed widget applications and the widget engine which runs them. The engine runs primarily on X11-based compositing window managers, most notably the Compiz (under Linux) architecture.

Until 0.0.14, screenlets were exclusively scripted in Python and drawn in SVG. Afterward, support was added for web widgets (widgets which are written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, similar to widgets for Apple Inc.'s Dashboard).

Last updated on September 2nd, 2008


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