kdsing 0.3.0

kdsing is a project that searches in words list (for translations).

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.3/5 19
Rolf Jakob
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ KDE
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kdsing is a project that searches in words list (for translations).

kdsing uses a word list (e.g. English :: German) and lets you search though it.

This makes it a simple but very useful tool for looking up words when doing translations. It is derived from dsing.

kdsing is derived from dsing, a Tcl/Tk program to search in word lists
and help translators.

This is the port to KDE3.

Here are some key features of "kdsing":

Path to word list
Specify the path to your word list. This is /usr/local/dsing/words.gz if you use the kdsing-words RPM.
Word delimiter
One or more characters used to delimit the two language columns. Default is "::".
Clear list for new search
Will clear the output window before starting a new search.
Show all or show max. hits
Show all matched lines or only the first n.
Word search
Search for whole words only (-w grep option)
case insensitive
Ignore case of search pattern (-i grep option)
always at beginning of line
Match has to occur at the beginning of line. This will only search in the first column.
use zgrep
Zgrep is for searching in a gzip compressed file. The file in the kdsing-words RPM is gzip compressed, so you have to check this option.
show command
Check this one if you are interested in how a command line would look like.
regular expression
Interpret the seach pattern as a regular expression. See manual page of grep for more details.

What's New in This Release:

Initial Creation

Last updated on October 26th, 2006

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