fsrunner for KRunner

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fsrunner for KRunner is a KDE Runner that maintains a database of your files and or directories and allows you to search them.

It was built as an alternative to nepomuk, quick access to your files without nepomuk's resource imprint. Under testing nepomuk for me generated a 1gb database, and used 400mb memory, mine on the same conditions generates a 3mb database and a 3mb memory imprint.

Example usage: you can configure it to scan $HOME, with a depth of 3, and ignore files. And then scan Desktop, with a depth of 1, and include files there. If you have the file Desktop/TODO, you can then write todo in krunner and it will find that file. It also allows using * in searches.
Last updated on October 3rd, 2012
fsrunner for KRunner - First, click alt+f2 to open krunner, and then click settings.fsrunner for KRunner - Enable FS Runner, and click the FS Runner settings button.fsrunner for KRunner - Add a directory for FS Runner to monitor.fsrunner for KRunner - Search!

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Maintains a database of your files/directories


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