Visual Volume Display 1.5

A small app for KDE which allows you to easily change ALSA mixer volume.

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What's new in Visual Volume Display 1.5:

  • Added some options and fixed a few little bugs. Also fixed includes in Queue.hpp. Command line parameters are now parsed with boost program options. All old scripts should still work except for daemon mode. Now to launch daemon mode you need the dashes like so: "vvd --daemon-mode" or "vvd -d".
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 17
Jeshua Bratman
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ KDE
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Visual Volume Display
Visual Volume Display (VVD) is a small app for KDE which allows you to easily change ALSA mixer volume while at the same time displaying a visual representation of the volume. This is useful for binding volume hotkeys. For example, use kde input actions to bind a volume up key to the command "vvd Front 10+".

For the longest time I have been irritated with the visual volume display in KDE. Sometimes KDE will automatically bind my keyboard volume keys to KMix and display a visual volume bar when I press volume up or down. However, sometimes this stops working for some reason I have yet to figure out. Also, KMix occasionally seems to lose the PCM channel for my soundcard. I finally decided to do something about it, so I wrote this little QT app.

Although KDE already has a visible volume display which is part of KMix, it is very finicky, and often seems to stop working. Also, this doesn't allow you to easily select which channel you wish to use and seems to occasionally lose the PCM channel. Lastly, unlike KMix, this allows you to bind more than one hotkey to change the volume, and maybe even several hotkeys to change the volume of different channels.

All in all, Visual Volume Display makes it easier to have a working visual volume indicator in KDE.

Visual Volume Display is not very full-featured as of now. I may add more to it in the future.


$ make
$ su -c "make install"


$ sudo make install


$ vvd < channel > < volume_change >


$ vvd PCM 5+
$ vvd Front 20-

Last updated on January 12th, 2009


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