Optimise Compression 1.6

Optimize compression of various files in KDE

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Sridhar Dhanapalan
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ KDE
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Optimise Compression
Optimise Compression offers a collection of KDE service menus which allows you to *losslessly* optimize the sizes of various files. Possible use includes:

* creating smaller e-mail attachments
* speeding up your Web site (since the files will download faster)

The service menu files are as follows:

* optimise_png.desktop - for PNG files
* optimise_mng.desktop - for MNG files
* optimise_zip.desktop - for Zip-based files, including
- OpenOffice.org/StarOffice documents and templates (.sx?, .st?)
- OASIS OpenDocument (.od?, .ot?)
- Java archive (.jar)
- Mozilla extensions (.xpi)
* optimise_gzip.desktop - for GZip-based files, including
- AbiWord documents (.abw.gz, .zabw)
- DVI (.dvi.gz)
- PostScript (.ps.gz)
- bitmap fonts (.bdf.gz, .pcf.gz, .snf.gz)
- Tar (.tar.gz, .tgz)
- SVG (.svgz)
- VRML (.wrl.gz)

AdvanceCOMP [http://advancemame.sourceforge.net/comp-readme.html] is required to be installed for this functionality. In addition, PNG files may be optimised using OptiPNG [http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~cosmin/pngtech/optipng/]. Most PNG files are best optimised by running OptiPNG followed by AdvanceCOMP, but some are better optimised after using only one of these tools. Results will vary depending on the file.

Note that these processes are extremely CPU-intensive. If you have a slow system or are optimising many files at once you might prefer the "default" over the "maximum" optimisation options. The difference at the end is likely to be nominal. The processes run in the background, so you should be able to carry on with other tasks in the meanwhile.

In some cases, the AdvanceCOMP tools may deliver a CRC error and refuse to optimise the file. This does not damage the file.

To install, copy the .desktop files to ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/

The service menus have been tested with KDE 4.1, but I believe they should work with earlier versions that support service menus.

NB: This project was formerly known as "Optimise PNG".

Last updated on February 4th, 2009


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