Katapult-Fast Track 0.1.2

Katapult-Fast Track project is a Katapult fork based on the KDE SVN repository.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Ryan P. Bitanga
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ KDE
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Katapult-Fast Track
Katapult-Fast Track project is a Katapult fork based on the KDE SVN repository. It fixes several outstanding issues of upstream Katapult. Unfortunately, Katapult development stagnated and no progress has been made upstream for half a year. Hopefully someone from the team will actually reply to my e-mails so Katapult development can continue. If not this fork will need a name (I'm obviously leaning towards Fast Track) and will be a separate project altogether.

Improvements over last stable Katapult release:

Support for multiple results (Press up or down keys to see more results)
Support for multiple actions (Press left or right keys to see more actions)
Adaptive search
Threaded architecture
Non-blocking DCOP calls

Kudos to the team for providing the framework for multiple results, multiple actions, and multithreaded catalogs.


Currently, only the program and bookmark catalogs actually return more than one result at a time.
Only the program catalog supports adaptive search.
Only the amarok catalog has multiple actions.

What this means for YOU:

The amarok catalog should not slow down Katapult if you have a big collection of songs.
The amarok catalog can now queue songs and add songs to the current playlist
The program catalog will adapt to your launching preferences (i.e. no more "Konquest" results when all you want is "Konqueror")
You no longer have to type more letters (press the down key to choose something else)

What is still lacking:

Testing. Especially for the amarok catalog. I only have a couple of GB worth of songs so I can't speak for everyone but this should be an improvement over the last release.
Spell catalog. I've tried everything to get KSpell to play nice with separate threads (i.e. call KSpell in the main thread, block the worker thread till KSpell is done, then pass the result to the worker thread) but it just won't work.
Composite support. I haven't applied my own real transparency patch. Don't try to apply it here because it was made to specifically work against


Extract the files. cd to the created directory. Then ./configure and make and then install as root.

For any problems, either leave something here or post something at the Katapult forums. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Please include how to reproduce your problems.

Last updated on July 4th, 2007


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