KDE Plasma 5.1.0

The official packages of the KDE Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform project
KDE Plasma (formerly K Desktop Environment and KDE Software Compilation and KDE Plasma Workspace and Applications) is an open source project comprised of numerous packages, libraries and applications designed to provide a modern graphical desktop environment for Linux and UNIX-like workstations.

A beautiful, modern and traditional desktop environment

It combines ease-of-use, superior graphical design and powerful functionality with the unique features and architecture of the Linux operating system. It’s comprised of the KDE Plasma Workspaces and KDE Applications components.

Additionally, it contains extra add-on for the panel and desktop, a download manager, an instant messenger, an addressbook, a document viewer, a multimedia layer called Phonon (similar to GStreamer on GNOME), and accessibility functionality, such as a powerful text-to-speech system.

Numerous GNU/Linux distributions use KDE

Numerous modern Linux distributions are built around the KDE desktop environment, either using it as their main computing environment or as an alternate one. Just like in the GNOME desktop environment, KDE tries to keep the same look and feel across all of its default applications. The entire KDE project is written with the Qt toolkit.

Under the hood

Under the hood, the KDE Plasma project is comprised of many core libraries that form KDE Frameworks and are required by all applications, various runtime components that ensure the proper functionality of the included apps, the applications, and the actual user environment.

Comes pre-loaded with apps for daily tasks

Users will find at least one application for each common task, including emailing, web browsing, news reading, painting, image viewing, video and music playback, and many more.

It also includes a collection of basic utilities, such as a calculator or archive manager, various scientific and educational applications, packages that contain extra themes, icons, wallpapers, window decorations and screensavers, some system administration tools, bindings for well known programming languages, and many games.

Bottom line

It is one of the first and best desktop environments for Linux distributions. During the last couple of years, KDE proved to be a very mature, reliable and stable project, backed by a talented community.

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KDE Plasma - The KDE Plasma graphical desktop environment
What's New in This Release:
  • Plasma 5.1 sports a wide variety of improvements, leading to greater stability, better performance and new and improved features. Thanks to the feedback of the community, KDE developers were able to package a large number of fixes and enhancements into this release, among which more complete and higher quality artwork following the new-in-5.0 Breeze style, re-addition of popular features such as the Icon Tasks taskswitcher and improved stability and performance.
  • Those travelling regularly will enjoy better support for time zones in the panel's clock, while those staying at home a revamped clipboard manager, allowing you to easily get at your past clipboard's content. The Breeze widget style is now also available for Qt4-based applications, leading to greater consistency across applications. The work to support Wayland as display server for Plasma is still ongoing, with improved, but not complete support in 5.1. Changes throughout many default components improve accessibility for visually impaired users by adding support for screenreaders and improved keyboard navigation.
  • Aside from the visual improvements and the work on features, the focus of this release lies also on stability and performance improvements, with over 180 bugs resolved since 5.0 in the shell alone. Plasma 5.1 requires KDE Frameworks 5.3, which brings in another great amount of fixes and performance improvements on top of the large number of fixes that have gone into Plasma 5.1.
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KDE Software Compilation is an open source desktop environment for Linux-based operating systems. It is comprised of P...

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