K.R.S.S 3.0

K.R.S.S provides a news aggregator for the KDE desktop.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.6/5 21
Chris Wallace
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ KDE
K.R.S.S provides a news aggregator for the KDE desktop.

K.R.S.S. is a news aggregator for the KDE desktop. It downloads Rich (RDF) Site Summary files from multiple Web sites and displays them on your desktop in a ticker-tape fashion.

Here are some key features of "K R S S":

· This application is perhaps the only rich site summary display to work on KDE.
· You can downloaded feeds and images locally, and display them as and when you wish.
· You can filter out unwanted news through the use MyFilters, so that you only see the news you want. A feature not found in any other news aggregator.
· You can view feeds either on-line or off-line.
· You can configure a personalized listing of the RSS Feeds, using MyFeeds. You can create and maintain both feeds which you would actively see and feeds which you could just save for future use.
· You can alter the text properties to display the news how you want by using configurable Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You can start with the template which is provided.
· You can alter the text properties to display the news how you want, using configurable HTML tags ("schemes"). You can also preview instantly what your configuration will look like.
· You can "jump" between feeds, that is, scroll to the top of the feed that you click on, by using MyChannelBar.
· You can control whether or not the feed scrolls when displaying on your desktop, as well as the speed.
· You can define and save an unlimited number of feeds, as well as define which feeds are "active", permitting you to retrieve only the ones you want.
· You can share feeds with other individuals. Tell others of feeds you have discovered, as well as learn which feeds others are using.
· You can take advantage of the pre-loaded set of AmphetaDesk's Site Listings - thousands of RSS feed locations, included with K.R.S.S. Or you can import or download the lastest site listings from their website at any time from within K.R.S.S.
· You can configure K.R.S.S. to use the System Tray when you minimize the main window.
· You can get Tips, upon starting up, which help you use K.R.S.S. to the fullest.
· You can set the frequency at which K.R.S.S. will automatically retrieve feeds - in days, hours, or minutes.
· You can temporarily pause or resume scrolling of the feeds.
· You can configure your own shortcut keys, or toolbar menu, or Search button.
· You can change the background and channel title colour, as well as change the spacing between Channels, using the scheming capabilities of MyChannelBar.
· You can Drag'n'Drop RSS feed information using the MyChannelBar feature. Channel Titles and Descriptions are automatically filled in, so you don't have to spend any time typing.
· You can update one feed at a time by using the MyChannlBar's popup menu.
· You can set K.R.S.S. to always stay on top of all other windows.
· You can toggle between having 'active' feeds or no 'active' feeds without having to actually specify that the feeds are active or not.
· You can still use K.R.S.S. while you update your feeds.
· You can display date and time information about when a feed was last downloaded and last displayed in the form of a tooltip, by using the Date and Time Tag in MyChannelBar.
· You can set an expiration date on the feeds so that they will expire (that is, become old) after a certain amount of time - in days, hours and minutes.
· You can configure new feeds to display in a different colour by using the Colour Code in MyChannelBar.

What's New in This Release:

· A fairly recent version of the KDE and QT libraries
· An internet connection

Last updated on April 5th, 2007

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