DON'T Let It Burn! (1-click Timer) 1.0

DON'T Let It Burn! (1-click Timer) script is just a very basic, 1-click alarm clock.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Rossana Motta
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ KDE
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DON'T Let It Burn! (1-click Timer)DON'T Let It Burn! (1-click Timer)
DON'T Let It Burn! (1-click Timer) script is just a very basic, 1-click alarm clock. You set the number of minutes and at that time a sound (which you need to set) will be played. No application is started, the sound is played through the aplay command, so it's independent from the player you have installed.


I know there are tons of much better alarm clocks out there. In fact, this is not supposed to be an alarm clock. It's just a sort of kitchen timer, for computer addicted.

My problem was that i was burning all my food (kinda following, too literally, what Usher says in his song "Let it burn!").

After throwing something in the oven or putting on the cookers i use to go back working on the PC and every time i forget about the food. I can't be bother to set a "full alarm clock", need something REALLY fast that reminds me about the food just some minutes later (and if possible i prefer that such reminder is not the horn of the firemen coming to extinguish the fire i caused)


Place dont_let_it_burn.desktop in /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus

Place in /home/YOUR_USERNAME/bin

Place in /home/YOUR_USERNAME/bin

IMPORTANT: you need to point to a valid audio file, supported bu the apply command (wav or au for example). I have included a small sample file,, if you place it in the bin directory then you dont need to do anything else. If you want another file just modify setting a valid path in the variable FULL_PATH_TO_AUDIO_FILE


ยท KDE 3.5.x

Last updated on June 25th, 2007

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