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2008-05-07 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
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An icon theme based on Saki's excellent classic nuoveXT-1.6 icons




nuoveXT Black is an icon theme based on Saki's excellent classic nuoveXT-1.6 icons.

Some icons/icon additions were taken from snowish (also by Saki), OS-L, crystalclear, realistiK and Tango. Many many thanks for all this fabulous icons. The photos used for some folders were taken by the author.

You should have installed an icon theme like nuoveXT, nuvox, Vista-Inspirate or snowish because this theme does not contain all necessary icons and therefore "inherits" those themes (if installed). If necessary edit the line "Inherits=" in the index.desktop file if you want another icon theme to be included or if you want to change the order of the used themes.


Unpack the theme to a directory of your choice and execute "./iconvert_nb". The script will do the work of converting the icons for you and tries to sharpen the smaller ones accordingly.
Last updated on January 22nd, 2010

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nuoveXT BlacknuoveXT BlacknuoveXT Black

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