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iRaveH20 is part of The iRaveFuzion Project. It's Not Windows(TM), it's Not Macosx(TM) it's Just a real Linux theme for once. not a rip off! :)

The iRaveH20 3 Icon Theme has been split into two versions because of the new monochrome system tray icons in it. There is now Night Edition and Lights Edition.

Night Edition - is for desktops with a dark coloured theme and panel
Lights Edition - is for desktops with a light coloured theme and panel.

Please download the appropriate for yourself (or both) see screen-shots for examples!

This is the Icon Theme for iRaveH20 to get the window borders and style GUI theme goto:

Created By iRaveFuzion an Open Source Theme and Useablity team!
(see Website)

How To Install?
To Easily Install this Icon theme on any Desktop with Gnome or XFCE Just...

1.) Right Click on Desktop
2.) Click Change Background
3.) Click on the Themes tab
4.) Click on the Install button and browse for the package you just downloaded! to install the icons!
5.) Then under Themes Select Customize and select the icon set!
(see the help file included for additional or advanced methods )

EZ-Install Icons!

The icons install very easily you don't need to toil with any shell scripts. or other BS, Just click, browse install! (Through Gnome Theme Manager) see the help for more advanced methods :)
Last updated on January 3rd, 2011
iRaveH20 4 Icon Theme - iRaveH20 3 Icon ThemeiRaveH20 4 Icon Theme - iRaveH20 3 Icon ThemeiRaveH20 4 Icon Theme - iRaveH20 3 Icon Theme

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