iDesk 0.74

IDesk gives users icons on their desktop.

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BSD License 
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ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Icons
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Idesk is program that draws desktop icons. Each icon will execute a shell command on a configurable action. The icons can be moved on the desktop by dragging them, and the icons will remember their positions on start-up. Oh yea, forgot there is cool eye-candy.

The icons can either be PNG (.png) or SVG (.svg) files. There are some problems with librsvg's usage of some svg files it seems. Some advanced SVG files _cannot_ be loaded by librsvg.

Here are some key features of "iDesk":

Execution of multiple shell commands
Completely configurable actions
PNG image support
Image scaling (in version 0.6 SVG support was remove!!!)
Xft anti-aliased fonts
Shadowed fonts
Snap to grid icon placement
Only show caption on mouseover
Automatic background updating with Esetroot



What's New in This Release:


New options for Background's group. The options are:
Background.File: Now the option Background.File for background image (wallpaper) works fine. (Default: None).
Background.Delay: Set the image change time in minutes format. (Default: 5 min). Min 1 min, Max 1440 min. (with 0 value is disable)
Background.Source: Let you can define the folder where there are some images. If in the folder there aren't images or the folder didn't exist, then idesk looking for Background.File option. (Default: None).
Background.Mode: Is the display mode for the images, the possible values are: Stretch, Scale, Center, Fit o Mirror). (Default: Stretch).
Background.Color: Let you set the Background color if you didn't put a Background.File value or Background.Source path hadn't images. If you didn't put a Background.File and Background.Color value then the Background is transparent and it get the background from the original Desktop background. (Default: #A2CD70).

Support for Esetroot pixmap (referer to bsetroot or bsetbg programs). Inside Fluxbox is very cool). It works with the new Background's wallpaper support.

New option value 'auto' for ToolTip.CaptionPlacement let the tooltip will be showed on left down side of icon.

Major changes:
Idesk now only can run one instance in the same DISPLAY, this let avoid run two or more idesk's instances in the same DISPLAY, producing the program works bad. But if the DISPLAY is different then idesk program should run fine and run another instance.

Some old options changed its reache. The options Background.Delay, Background.File, Background.Mode, Background.Source, Background.Color, ToolTip.FontSize, ToolTip.FontName, ToolTip.ForeColor, ToolTip.BackColor ToolTip.CaptionOnHover, ToolTip.CaptionPlacement and Transparency only are valid inside .ideskrc file and not inside the *.lnk icons files. The another options are valid in both types of files.

Minor bug fixed:
Fixed a error in tooltip option that produced a blink efect when the tooltip is showed. The problem was in *.lnk files when the Width/Height attributes were omitted.

Fixed bug when the options Background.File and Background.Source doesnt' exist or there aren't valid PATH's for them.

Fixed many other minor bugs.

Last updated on October 7th, 2005

#desktop icon #icon draw #anti-aliased fonts #iDesk #desktop #icon #transparency

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