Oxygen icons script 0.3

Oxygen icons script downloads/updates and installs the latest svn-version of the KDE 4 iconset Oxygen.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 23
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Oxygen icons scriptOxygen icons scriptOxygen icons script
Oxygen icons script downloads/updates and installs the latest svn-version of the KDE 4 iconset Oxygen. Should be run as root for installation.

The Oxygen icon theme was started by David Vignoni during the first Appeal Project meeting held in Berlin on March 2005. The very first versions of the folder design, were following the Nuvola style, using vibrant colors, outlines and a cartoonish look and feel. Then it was decided to change everything and adopt a photo-realistic icon style, moving to a very high standard of graphics quality.

The default size we would like for icon view is 128128. With big icons in fact we do a good thing for usability purposes and at the same time make user eye happy to enjoy such nice graphics. These icons will be full SVG vector images, using alpha channels, translucency, embedded bitmaps to allow complex three dimensional effects, with highlights and shadows.

So yes, OS X Aqua style is inspiring and a reference on several issues mentioned later. Oxygen, however, does not intend to copy anything but rather to collect ideas for the ways that people present visual metaphors with an eye not only on artwork but also on usability and improve on these ideas.


A well designed concept supports usability and accesability by learning from and planning for the uniqueness of being human.
Think! Being innovative and creative ensures our stake in the future.
Respect use case studies, better fullfill the needs of our entire business and enterprise users.
Really nice art, acceptance through beauty (sexy!) :-)

Oxygen includes a full set of icons with a distinct “design note” for each icon type while adhering to the over-all look-n-feel.

Last updated on October 9th, 2007


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