Oxygen-Refit 1.1

Oxygen-Refit is an icon theme for Gnome

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What's new in Oxygen-Refit 1.1:

  • Updated logout icon & Co.
  • Updated harddrive icon
  • Updated mail-inbox icon
  • New gftp icon (to fit other icons)
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
3.4/5 17
Christopher Bratusek
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Icons
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Oxygen-Refit is an icon theme for Gnome, a compilation of icons made for completeness and end-user desktop. It contains Icons from Oxygen, Crystal Project and some single, free Icons.

Oxygen-Refit was Oxygen-Icons-Gnome and has been initiated by Jason Scurtu and overtaken by me.

Debian & Derivatives:

Debian/Ubuntu Users can add an apt-repo for accessing/updating the theme, by adding:

deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/oxygenrefit/OxyRepo nebula main

to /etc/apt/sources.list

(the secret key is in the nanolx-key package, you may wish to install it)


Inside the Tarball is a Script, which lets you modify the theme on-the-fly, open a terminal, change into the icon-folder and run:

- ./change-type.sh oldschool [for the old firefox/volume icons]
- ./change-type.sh newschool [for the new firefox/volume icons]

- ./change-type.sh debian [debian menu logo]
- ./change-type.sh gnome [gnome menu logo]
- ./change-type.sh fedora [fedora menu logo]
- ./change-type.sh gentoo [gentoo menu logo]
- ./change-type.sh ubuntu [ubuntu menu logo]
- ./change-type.sh mandriva [mandriva menu logo]
- ./change-type.sh oxygen [oxygen menu logo]
- ./change-type.sh kde [kde menu logo]
- ./change-type.sh gnomeorange [orange gnome menu logo]

- ./change-type.sh naviblack [black navigation icons]
- ./change-type.sh naviblue [blue navigation icons]

- ./change-type.sh oldtrash [old trash icons]
- ./change-type.sh newtrash [new trash icons]

- ./change-type.sh bluefolder [blue folders]
- ./change-type.sh darkbluefolder [dark-blue folders]
- ./change-type.sh brownfolder [brown folders]
- ./change-type.sh cyanfolder [cyan folders]
- ./change-type.sh greenfolder [green folders]
- ./change-type.sh greyfolder [grey folders]
- ./change-type.sh orangefolder [orange folders]
- ./change-type.sh redfolder [red folders]
- ./change-type.sh violetfolder [violet folders]
- ./change-type.sh yellowfolder [yellow folders]

newschool, bluefolder, newtrash, naviblue and gnome are default

Last updated on April 30th, 2008

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