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OpenOffice, StarOffice & Microsoft Office icons





Office Icon Pack is an icon pack that contains OpenOffice, StarOffice & Microsoft Office icons.

How to Use
Download the package and save it at a location where you can find it back... (for example on your desktop)
Basically there are three options to go from here:

1. If you are using the default icon theme of your system, simply add this pack by installing it directly.
Go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Install and select this package (find it on the desktop)
If you get a prompt if you want to use the new set, then accept

2. The fast way to combine it with another (custom) icon theme requires some editing before installation
Open the package, open the directory "OfficePack" and open the file "index.theme" in a text editor
Enter the name of the other icon theme after the "Inherit =" line, delete the "#" in front and save
Save the "index.theme", close the package and install as given above.

3. You can also completely merge the contents in this package with another icon theme
Not detailed here, if you know what this means you also know the how-to.

- OfficePack directory: This holds all files needed for installation of the theme
- EmptyDemoFiles directory: Holds empty files to demonstrate all the supported file-extensions
- mimetypes.txt: List of the mimetypes and associated file-extensions in this theme
- readme.txt: This description
Last updated on August 26th, 2010
Office Icon Pack

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