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A simple icon theme for your GNOME desktop






Any Color You Like is a GNOME icon theme with many colors.

Developer comments

I really like messing around with my color settings in gnome. One thing that has always been bugging me was that I could not find matching colored icons.

So as a solution to that I made this icon set. I used many icons from the MonoBlack and area.o42 icon sets, so cred should also go to the creators of those themes.

Here is how to change the color on the icons.

First go to /your_home_folder/.icons/AnyColorYouLike.

There should be a file there that is named

Double click on it and select run in terminal. (If you select "run" it might break the icons, happened to me once)

Now a terminal should pop up and ask you to write a color.

Enter a six digit hexadecimal number with a "#" in front of.

For example: #FF0000 gives red.

Now to make the changes show on your desktop you might have to restart gnome-panel and nautilus. This can be done simply by login out/in. Or by typing:

killall gnome-panel
killall nautilus

in the terminal.
Last updated on October 6th, 2010
Any Color You LikeAny Color You LikeAny Color You Like

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