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Shrinkta is a DVD backup tool for the GNOME desktop.





Shrinkta is a DVD backup tool for the GNOME desktop. The libdvd library does the copying from disk with the use of the dvdread library. It is pretty basic at the moment and has no navigation menu support or subtitle support.

The main objectives of the project are as follows:

Be able to backup a single DVD movie title to a single layer DVD disk.
Be able to backup an entire DVD to a similar capacity disk.
Provide a way to easily master a simple DVD from compatible video and audio streams.
The project is at an early stage of development and currently consists of two parts.
A library that is called libdvd.
A small test program named shrinkta.


Tcrequant is used to resize the video stream if required. Tcrequant is part of the transcode package.
Mplex is used to multiplex the video and audio stream/s into a DVD compatible mpeg2 stream. MPlex is part of the mjpegtools package.
Dvdauthor creates the DVD titleset and DVD Table Of Contents.
Mkisofs creates the disk image.
Nautilus-cd-burner can be used to write the image to disk.

What's New in This Release:

Wrote a reasonable user manual.
Added screen shots for manual.
Added help to shrinkta menu and preferences dialog.
Cleanup build now more GNOME-a-fied.
rpm spec file updates.
Remove internal copy of dvdnav. Added dependancy for libdvdread with check in
Completed dvd_disk_stop_backup() in dvd-disk.c
Tidy up app.c setting sensitivity of widgets. You can now stop a full backup.
Added DvdRegion type and region code to dvd-obj
dvd-disk.c now compares region when performing a full backup and changes the backup to match region in dvd-obj.
Completed LPCM decoder in libdvd
Changed preferred audio in preferences to AC3 or LPCM instead of DTS.
Added dvd_demux_reset to dvd-demux.h and dvd-demux.c. This unref's all decoders so the next data sent to the demuxer will generate only the reqiured (and fresh) decoders.
Last updated on July 30th, 2008

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