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GnoTime provides a to-do list organizer and project timer.




GnoTime provides a to-do list organizer and project timer.

GnoTime is a to-do list tracker and project timer with a built-in invoice generator. It allows users to keep track of how much time they have spent working on particular tasks, maintain a diary of that work, and create invoices with task-specific billing fees and rates.

Here are some key features of "GnoTime":

Multiple To-Do Lists that can be sorted by the priority/importance of the tasks in the list. The to-do items can be organized into categories, arranged in a hierarchical way. This makes it easy to maintain both business and personal items in the list, or handle many different projects, while keeping them separate from each other.

A pair of Diary/Journal areas that can be used to keep long and detailed notes and diary entries. The project description area allows a multi-paragraph description or status to be typed in. The diary area allows day-to-day notes to be associated with a set of timestamps, so that one has a record of what one did on any given day.

A Running Timer, with time totals, for each project/task. One starts the timer by clicking on a task: it will measure the amount of time that you are in front of the computer. If it detects that the keyboard/mouse are idle, it will stop the clock. If the clock stays stopped too long, it will nag you to start it up again. You can view time totals by day, week, month or year.

A Billing Status dialog for each diary entry. You can mark any given diary entry as bill-able/non-bill-able, paid or pending, and set the billing rate. Each project can also be marked up with a set of project-planning information: planed start, end and due dates, hours to finish, percent-complete. This is in addition to assigning an urgency/importance to each project, as well as a status (completed/in-progress not-started/canceled).

A half-dozen different HTML Reports that can slice and dice your lists. There's a Journal report that shows all of the diary entries for one given project. There's an Invoice report that summarizes the time spent on each entry, and computes a dollar amount for it. There's a Status Report that prints the title of each project, together with the paragraph-long descriptions of each. There's a ToDo report, which prints only the project title, the importance/urgency, and the completed/in-progress/not-started status. The Daily report summarizes the total time spent on a day-by-day basis, and lists each of the projects that were worked on in a given day. Each of these reports can be customized. And, because they're HTML, you can even publish them as web pages. (Yes, I've thought of using GnoTime as a weblog management/publishing tool).

What's New in This Release:

Build against QOF version 0.6.0, if available.
Fix issue where yelp doesn't display an entry for gnotime when browsing because it doesn't recognize the entry
Fix sourceforge bug [ 799077 ] projects blanked when first time user tries to sort
fix broken leap-year calculation, leading to bugs sourceforge bugs [ 983408 ] and [ 1114205 ]
Fix crash due to hoverhelp timer popping after a report window is closed.
Change activity report to display date/time in two distinct html table columns (prettier alignment)
Bug fix: sourceforge bug report fixed [ 877193 ] toolbar won't go to/stay in text-only mode
Bug fix: editing time brings up wrong report
fedora .spec file is out of date and rpm cannot build rpm
Fix bug involving copy of old gnotime files to a new machine on which gnotime has never been run before.
Fix sourceforge bug [ 1276458 ] "Empty" appears in diary entry
Apply sourceforge patch 1176719 Extensible fix for gtkhtml3 building
Apply 1171394 Adds separate timeout for "No Project" dialog
Apply sourceforge patch 085911 Add "-" value for status field
Apply sourceforge patch 074658 Add wordwrapping to diary entry boxes
Apply sourceforge patch 1074458 Fix a crash when invoking help
Apply sourceforge patch 1038701 Fix to Activity item in popup menu
Apply sourceforge patch 1027582 Build system update for qof inclusion
Fix idle time so that it works with Linux 2.6 kernel /proc/interrupts
use %e to see the estimated sizing of a project in the logfiles
Apply new pt_BR translation from Goedson Teixeira Paixao
Fix for Debian Bug #250776, change widget visibility in the edit interval dialog
Last updated on February 14th, 2007

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