GNOME floating background 0.1

GNOME floating background subtly changes the color of the GNOME desktop over time -- so slowly that it won't be noticed.

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Javier Kohen
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Gnome
1 GNOME floating background Screenshot:
GNOME floating background
GNOME floating background project subtly changes the color of the GNOME desktop over time -- so slowly that it won't be noticed. This is a good alternative to placing a wallpaper.

The program does have a minimal processor time consumption, as it
sleeps most of the time and its computations are not complicated. In
fact, GFloatbg doesn't change the color directly. It relies on
Nautilus (or an equivalent application) to paint the background using
the color set in the gconf key
/desktop/gnome/background/primary_color, which this program updates

GFloatbg doesn't use any window, button or menu, and it can only be
stopped by killing it. This is a feature I don't like too much, but
making a realy nice user interface is just too much for such a little

GFloatbg starts with a random color and changes it deterministicly by
moving through a HSV-model of colors.

In the HSV-model, colors are described by three parameters:

h = hue stands for the tint of a color
(0 degrees is red, 60 = yellow, 120 = green, 180 = aquamarine, etc)
s = saturations stands for the brightness of the color
(0 = white, 1 = bright)
v = value stands for the intensity of the color
(0 = black, 1 = normal)

Every 10 seconds the hue is increased by 1 degree and the saturation
is changed by a sinus over the hue. The value remains fixed. The
default values are chosen such that all pastel tints are visited, but
these can of course be customized:

Usage: gfloatbg [options]
where options are:
-value < float> (default 0.87)
-satmid < float> (default 0.375)
-satvar < float> (default 0.125)
-fase < float> (default 0.25)
value, (satmid-satvar) and (satmid+satvar) must be between 0 and 1

Last updated on July 11th, 2007

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