GNOME Sensors Applet

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Displays system temperatures, fan speeds and voltage of the PC





GNOME Panel Applet can display system temperatures, fan speeds and voltage readings from hardware sensors under Linux.

Supported interfaces:

- ACPI thermal zones, via the Linux kernel ACPI modules
- Linux kernel i2c modules (for kernel 2.6).
- lm_sensors and i2c packages (for kernel 2.4)
- Linux kernel i8k module (for Dell Inspiron Laptops).
- Linux kernel PowerPC modules therm_adt746x and therm_windtunnel.
- hddtemp daemon for reading temperatures from S.M.A.R.T. equipped disks.
- Linux kernel Omnibook module.

Includes a simple, yet highly customizable display and intuitive user-interface.

Alarms can be set for each sensor to notify the user once a certain high or low value has been reached, and can be configured to execute a given command at given repeated intervals.

NOTE: Debian, Fedora and most other users need to do a ./configure --prefix=/usr to ensure the applet is installed in the correct place.
Last updated on June 24th, 2010
GNOME Sensors AppletGNOME Sensors AppletGNOME Sensors Applet

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