intlfonts 1.2

intlfonts package contains free X11 fonts (BDF format) for all characters that Emacs 20 can handle.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.6/5 16
Kenichi Handa
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Fonts
intlfonts package contains free X11 fonts (BDF format) for all characters that Emacs 20 can handle. The fonts are classified as follows: European, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Ethiopic, and misc, with one sub-directory for each category. TrueType fonts are also included.

How to install fonts

1.0 Suppose that you extracted font archives in $WORKDIR. This
directory should contain `configure' scritp as well as this README
file and archive files.

Run commands to install

% ./configure
% make install

Note: You don't have to do `make' before `make install'.

Then all fonts are installed to this directory:
while being converted to PCF format.
In addition, BDF font files are installed as is to this directory:

If you want to install fonts in the different directory (say
$INSTDIR), run `configure' as below:

% ./configure --with-fontdir=$INSTDIR

Then, PCF fonts are installed in $INSTDIR, and BDF fonts are installed
in $INSTDIR/bdf.

Here's a list of the other `configure' optioins:
--enable-compress[=ARG] whether to compress PCF fonts or not [ARG=gzip]
--with-pcf[=ARG] install PCF fonts
[ARG=yes] on Unix, [ARG=no] on DOS
--with-bdf[=ARG] install BDF fonts [ARG=yes]
--with-type1[=ARG] install Type1 fonts [ARG=no]
--with-truetype[=ARG] install TrueType fonts [ARG=no]

Inform your X server about the new fonts

The step 1.1 converts fonts to a format that X server can read (PCF
format) and put them in proper directory. But, you still have to
inform your X server about the new fonts.

If $INSTDIR is already in your font path (please check it by the
command `xset q'), you can tell X server to update font hash table by:

$ xset fp rehash

If $INSTDIR is not yet in your font path, you can tell one X session
to use the installed fonts with:

% xset +fp $INSTDIR

On some systems, you may have to give absolute pathname to the command


To make the effect permanent for future X sessions, you probably have
to edit certain files in your X installation, for instance, include
the following line in your ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession.

xset +fp $INSTDIR

Last updated on February 7th, 2008

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