IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts 6.10

IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts includes high quality MICR CMC-7 fonts, which are used for bank check printing in Brazil, Mexico..
IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts includes high quality MICR CMC-7 fonts, which are used for bank check printing in Brazil, Mexico, France Spain, and most Spanish speaking countries. It includes the fonts at various width intensities to support multiple printer types.

This CMC-7 MICR font contains ten specially designed numeric characters, 0 through 9, and five special symbols for magnetic recognition and optical character recognition systems. TrueType, OpenType, PostScript, and PCL font versions are included in this Magnetic Ink Character Recognition font.

Main features:

  • Created Directly From ISO Specifications - The MICR CMC7 fonts were created according to ISO (International Standards Organization) specifications for MICR printing.
  • Ease-of-Use - Although the CMC-7 fonts are scaleable, use the 12 point font size to print the CMC-7 fonts. Choosing the 12 point font size sets the CMC7 font height to 3.2 mm which is the standard for France and most other countries. The CMC-7 font size can be adjusted accordingly to meet additional requirements.
  • Embedding Support - The embedding support of IDAutomation's MICR fonts enables embedding in special PDF document applications such as Adobe Writer, Distiller, PDF Lib and FOP TTF Reader. This level of embedding also supports creation of OpenType and TrueDoc fonts for web pages.
  • Different Versions Provided - Besides the normal CMC-7 font in the package, three narrow versions are also provided to support printers that print slightly darker than normal. The narrow version fonts have a font name ending in n?? where ?? is a two digit number that represents the percentage the vertical bars were decreased. For example, IDAutomationCMC7n10 is a font that is narrow by 10%.
  • Multiple Formats Provided - With the purchase of a license for this font, all versions will be included in a single ZIP file. The following fonts are included:
  • TrueType fonts are supplied in PC and Macintosh format. The TrueType or TTF fonts are compatible with Macintosh OS X and all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Pocket PC. Macintosh formatted MTT TrueType fonts are compatible with Macintosh System 7.1 and above.
  • OpenType OTF fonts with PostScript outlines are provided. These are compatible with Windows, Macintosh OS X and other systems supporting the OpenType format.
  • PostScript Type 1 fonts are supplied in binary, ASCII and Macintosh Classic Mac-Binary versions.
  • Also included in this package are 300 and 600 DPI PCL fonts.
  • The Developer License grants the right to convert IDAutomation's fonts to other formats as necessary including TrueDoc and OpenType.
  • For the most up to date installation procedures for other operating systems, please visit IDAutomation's Technical Support Site.
  • For an economical MICR CMC7 Check Reader, IDAutomation offers the MagTek MiniMICR Readers. This reader can auto-discriminate documents encoded with either E-13B or CMC-7 fonts.

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IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts

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