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Font Mate is a simple program to help you see how fonts look on your computer, and to help you find symbol characters.
Font Mate
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Font Mate application helps you to see how fonts look on your computer, and it also helps you find symbol characters.

Using Font Mate

There isn't much to it: Font Mate shows you a list of all the fonts installed on your computer. Choose any font from the list and it will show you what all the characters in that font look like. Choose any one of those characters and you will see an enlarged version of it at the bottom of the page (with its ASCII code in decimal and hex, should you be interested). Click the button to copy that character to the clipboard if you want to use it in another application.

Works on...

We wrote Font Mate originally for Mac OS X, but we have included versions for Windows and Linux too. We wrote it using REALbasic, a great tool for cross-platform rapid development. Source is available on request.

How much?

Font Mate is freeware. Download, use, share as you wish. No warranty is offered, and we accept no liability for anything strange or nasty that it might do to your computer.

And another thing

If you like Font Mate, why not have a look at our main site at and check out our other products and services?

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July 18th, 2007, 21:19 GMT
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Tellura Information Services Ltd.
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Font Mate
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