kio-gallery3 0.1.5

It makes the content (albums, photos and movies) of a remote Gallery3 system directly available inside the KDEs local file hierarchy

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What's new in kio-gallery3 0.1.5:

  • Extended search for rest api to support installations without rewrite rules
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Christian Reiner
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ File managers
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kio-gallery3 is a KDE plugin that implements a kio-slave, a protocol plugin for KDEs I/O system. It makes the content (albums, photos and movies) of a remote Gallery3 system ( directly available inside the KDEs local file hierarchy. That means you can access all items contained in the gallery using standard file dialogs like "File open", "Save File" or simply double clicking, you can use a file browser and add photos by drag'n'drop or access and reorganize existing items. Or you use a shortcut to directly start an application like Gwenview to use the remote contents of the gallery. In general you can use the slave wherever you can use an URL inside KDE to get access to the gallery3 content: "places" in Dolphin and File dialogs, as cli argument upon applciation startup, in desktop shortcuts, ...


Just enter "gallery3://" in the location bar of for example dolphin or a "File open" dialog. This is the url you use to access your gallery3 system with a browser, except that the protocol (http or https) is replaced with gallery3 or gallery3s.
Prefer gallery3s in favour of gallery3 whenever possible (if you have working https access to your gallery) for using ssl encryption to access the gallery. This way sensitive information like your username, password and remote access key are protected by encryption whilst being sent over the internet.


If you want previews in form of thumbnails you have to enable those in dolphin, thumbnails are usually disabled for remote content due to bandwith usage:
Set the value under > Settings > Configure Dolphin > General > Tab Previews > Remote file above to something like 1MB
These thumbnails are cached locally by KDE, but it takes a while to generate them the first time depending on the size of the original files inside the remote Gallery3 system.

Last updated on July 30th, 2012


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