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Zfm software is a filemanager written by Christophe Gouiran and formerly packed in the ZDesktop project.
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Zfm software is a filemanager written by Christophe Gouiran and formerly packed in the ZDesktop project. It's now an entirely standalone application and uses the QT version 1.4x from Troll Tech.

Zfm was based at beginning on DirectoryOpus 5 which was according to me the best filemanager world wilde. However, Zfm adds some interresting features to the original, like plugins handling, and so the possibilities are really large.

Let me explain you what I mean when I'm speaking about plugins : why should you always view files the same way in a list based representation ? Why should you use different programs to connect to an FTP site or to create a Zip archive ? It's here that plugins come in handy.

Zfm is based on plugins is based on plugins that can be grouped in three category:

scanning plugins, i.e a plugin that would get a list of file from any source (a localdisk, an FTP site, an archive, an NFS volume). For now zfm can only display files from a local disk but I'm working on an FTP plugin which will make possible to connect to a site or else a GZIP plugin with which you'll be able to display the content of a gzip archive.
display plugins, i.e a plugin that will get the preceding list of file sent by a scanning plugin and display the content of a list in a choosen way. For now there is the ListBox plugin that display files like Windows explorer and the Yean3D plugin that displays file with a 3-Dimensional effect. You must be warned that left mousebutton is used to click on a file or directory and the right mousebutton is used to change the point of view. There is also a clock plugin based on an example from QT library but it's disabled.
Misc. plugins, in this cathegory you could find filecopy, directory creation, file list printing, backup creation, getting of filesystem informations ... For now there aren't any misc plugins with zfm.

last updated on:
December 16th, 2007, 23:26 GMT
developed by:
Christophe Gouiran and Nicolas Roard
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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