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Mafima is a file manager for UNIX with X11 written in Perl/Tk.




Mafima is a file manager for UNIX with X11 written in Perl/Tk.

One window, four rows:

directorys, files, directorys, files

You can do most of the things you usually do with a file manager, like copy, move, rename, delete, but also view and edit a lot of file types.

Mafima navigation is a little bit like in a WWW browser, you can go down one directory with a down button, you have a hotlist (like Bookmarks or Favorits) and you have a history list of directorys - to jump back to any directory you have already visited with just one mouse click.

I wrote Mafima just for me, to see what's possible with Perl/Tk, but maybe someone else can use it too ...

Of course I give no warranty at all, so if you accidently delete all you files, corrupt your harddisk or burn down your computer it's your own problem.

I use Mafima as my one and only file manager now, and it works pretty good for me ...


a computer running UNIX and X11
Perl 5.005 or better
Perl/Tk 800.015 or better
Some Perl/Tk modules (try to find out, if you have everything you need)

What's New in This Release:

new: Added a copy, cut, paste functionality
new: unzip files zipped with bzip2
new: windows like file and grep patterns
code cleanup
Last updated on February 21st, 2008

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