MToolsFM 1.9.5

MToolsFM software allows easy floppy-access under Linux / UNIX.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
4.0/5 16
Christian Ospelkaus
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ File managers
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MToolsFM software allows easy floppy-access under Linux/UNIX. It can do simple tasks of a file-manager and makes use of mtools to access floppies.

Why MToolsFM?

One possibility to access dos- or windows- floppies on UNIX-like operating systems is to mount them. This works fine, but has some disadvantages:

· Many windows- or dos- users do not know about the way UNIX / Linux manages file-systems. They want their "a:".
· In contrast to a CD-ROM, you can eject a floppy without umounting it, which may lead to data-losses.
· Many people forget about umounting the floppy when logging out, so the next user might not be able to umount it.

For these reasons, there is a programm called mtools. In fact, this is a collection of programs. They all start with "m" (mcopy, mdir, mmd,... ) You may have noticed that these are just the old DOS-commands with a leading "m". In fact, they allow you to access DOS-floppies without mounting. mtools ships with most linux-distributions; just try

mdir a:

The disadvantage is that nowadays there are not many people who know about DOS-commands. And who would ask a linux-newbie to learn DOS-commands? This is why you need MToolsFM: It gives you a simple, easy to use file-manager interface for accessing your floppies. It uses the advantages of mtools, but you do not have to learn the DOS-commands.

It is really helpful if you administer a linux-box where windows-users read their mail, browse the web, ... These people can now access floppies without long explanations. YouŽll have more time.

What's New in This Release:

· This release fixes a couple of large file related bugs, adds several translations (pt_BR, pt_PT, and nb_NO), and updates autoconf-related code.

Last updated on March 30th, 2008

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