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A graphical ISO image editor that runs on Linux and MS Windows operating systems

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ISO Master is an open source and cross-platform project that provides users with a unique and handy way to modify ISO images on GNU/Linux operating systems. It has been declared by its developers as the world's best ISO editor, as well as the ultimate CD/DVD image editor.

Features at a glance

The application allows users to create ISO images from scratch, edit existing ISO images, save modified images, extract/add/remove files from a ISO image, sort files by size or name, display file sizes for the files included in an ISO image, as well as to display the file/folder contents of an ISO image.

In addition, the application lets users to navigate their file system in style, thanks to the integrated two-panel file manager utility. Also, it displays the size of the ISO image at all times, and allows users to select any number of items in the file browser.

Furthermore, users will be able to create and customize CD/DVD images, as well as to make bootable CDs and DVDs. The generated ISO images can be used to distributed software, GNU/Linux operating systems, data files, as well as demos.

The graphical user interface is easy to use and familiar, allowing users to quickly create an ISO image by clicking the "New" entry on the File menu. The two-panel view will display the local filesystem on the upper part and the contents of the ISO image at the bottom.

To add or remove files to an ISO image, simply click on a file or folder and press the "Add" or "Remove" buttons. It is also possible to extract files from an existing ISO image, just by pressing the "Extract" button.

Bottom line

Summing up, ISO Master is a really great software for editing ISO images on the GNU/Linux ecosystem. There is no other dedicated program for this task!

ISO Master was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
ISO Master - The main window, where users can modify ISO images

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