GHome Mover 0.2

GHome Mover is an easy-to-use application designed to carbon-copy a home Directory from a user to another.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.2/5 20
Daniel Brooke Peig
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ File managers
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GHome MoverGHome Mover
GHome Mover is an easy-to-use application designed to carbon-copy a home Directory from a user to another. This application also looks at the files for references to the old directory/user and replaces with the references of the new dir/user. Ownership is also changed.

If you are a MS Windows user think on GHome Mover as the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" application.

The efficiency of this application changing references is about 95% (I think i can improve it in future versions with YOUR help). I can tell you that GHome Mover was rigourously tested (and debugged), it has a safe engine that would do anything possible to keep your data intact.

GHome Mover was designed for the Gnome Desktop 2.x but can run fine in KDE. It is distributed under the GNU/GPL License. Thereīs also the GHomeMover for Console that runs without any GUI , it is excellent for scripting or old computers.

GHome Mover can work with other types of directories rather than HOME types for example: MS Windows FAT directories.

How GHome Mover can be usefull to me?

GHome Mover will be excellent in this cases (examples):

- A corporate network administrator wants to create a pre-configured desktop for the employees. This desktop includes documents of the company, icons, shortcuts, links and configuration files. The administrator creates a sigle dir and personalizes it and then, with GHome Mover moves it to all the machines in the network. It works like an EXTENDED skels system.

- A computer Geek has the username "megahacker2002" and we arent at 2002 anymore so he creates a new username "megahacker2003" and with GHome Mover transports his configuration and personal home to the new home.

- Someone wants to create a backup of his files into another directory and knows that the standart linux coping tools dont make a good job so he uses the GHome Mover application.

How do I install it?

If you got a binary version (i didnt made any binary distributions) just install it using RPM or the Debian install packages.

With the source tarballs (.tgz file): Unpack it (please be sure that you are logged as a root user). Go to the directory and type: "./configure" then if there were no errors type "make" and then if everithing is allright type "make install". For more (and very detailed) information see the INSTALL text included with the source tarball.

NOTE: You will need development tools, Gnome devel libs 2.x and GTK 2.x devel libs installed to build the Tarball Version (RedHat Development with Gnome Development packages is fine). If you are trying to compile the GHome Mover Console Version, you donīt need the the Gnome and GTK Libs.

How do I use it?

This program has a quite simple and intuitive interfece.

- Login as a "root" user if you want to change users at the /home/xxx directory (Its higly recommended loging as a root user).
- Start the program (there should be an icon in your gnome menu , if not just search for "ghomemover" executable).
- Complete all the fields (even if you dont want to change the owner or group you must fill it).

REMEMBER! All the files in the DESTINATION directory WILL BE OVERWRITTEN!!!

- Click at the Begin button and follow the instructions.

The SMART option makes the program to ignore searching for strings to be replaced in files like JPG, MPG and GIF (there are more than 80 types registred in the program). It also ingores files bigger than 250KB (I don't thing there are configuration files bigger than this).

Last updated on December 12th, 2007

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