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Cruiser is an utility that places an icon in your system tray that activates a recursive menu system.




Cruiser is an utility that places an icon in your system tray that activates a recursive menu system.

The initial purpose is to allow you to browse your filesystem, but Cruiser is designed to be extended with plugins using D-Bus, so it can take on many different roles.

It is possible to write plugins to provide quick access to RSS feeds, bookmarks, email, stock quotes, weather and more.


Qt >= 4.3 (Qt 4.2 may work but it has been developed using Qt 4.3.2)
DBus (developed with DBus 1.1.1)


1. Run Qt 4 qmake (It needs to be the QT 4 version, so you may need to do qmake-qt4 depending on your distribution). To set the install do this (/usr/local is the default):

$ qmake "PREFIX=/your/prefix"

NOTE: PREFIX must be an absolute path and you must not include a trailing slash in the prefix!!

2. Run make

$ make

3. It should be possible to run cruiser from the build directory by running:

$ src/cruiser

NOTE: running from the build directory is a bit of a hack right now, so you cannot cd src and then ./cruiser. since Cruiser will not be able to find the plugins or default configuration file.


To install cruiser to ${PREFIX} run:

$ make install


To Uninstall Cruiser go to the build directory and type:

$ make uninstall

The ${PREFIX}/share/cruiser directory may need to be removed

Or all at once:

$ qmake && make && make install

--- OR ---

$ qmake "PREFIX=/your/prefix" && make && make install


1. Run cruiser which will be placed in ${PREFIX}/bin after installation.

2. The demo plugin (FSCruiser, a simple filesystem browser) should be launched automatically by cruiser. If for some reason it doesn't you can launch it manually by executing it (${PREFIX}/share/cruiser/plugins/

3. Play with cruiser in your system tray.

4. Edit ${HOME}/.cruiser/cruiserconf.xml to edit the main Cruiser menu on a per-user basis, or edit ${PREFIX}/etc/cruiser/cruiserconf.xml to change the defaults. NOTE: ${PREFIX}/etc/cruiser/cruiserconf.xml will only be loaded if ${HOME}/.cruiser/cruiserconf.xml is not found.

5. Currently no other plugins are available but when plugins become available they can be installed for all users in ${PREFIX}/share/cruiser/plugins or in ${HOME}/.cruser/plugins for an individual user. Cruiser will attempt to execute all executable files in both of these locations upon startup (note that this is non-recursive).
Last updated on May 13th, 2008

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