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A free and graphical utility for analyzing directory trees in the GNOME desktop environment

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Baobab (also known as Disk Usage Analyzer) is an open source application that allows users to analyse the disk usage under the GNOME desktop environment. It can scan multiple device drives, as well as local, remote and external user-requested folders and devices.

The application’s main goal is to help users view how they are using the storage space of a HDD (Hard Disk Drive), SSD (Solid Disk Drive), USB flash drive, memory cards, and digital cameras.

Its user interface is extremely easy to use, especially because it follows the GNOME HIG (Human Interface Guidelines). It provides users with a list of the devices and specific directories that can be scanned.

Getting started with Baobab

After a scan, users can decide if a specific directory should be deleted, moved or archived, in order to free up space. The results are also very useful if you want to estimate the total required space for a backup.

If a device or a folder is locked or encrypted, the application will automatically detect it and will ask the user for a password. When a scan is complete, it will display a graphical chart with each scanned folder.

Users can choose to scan either their Home directory, the entire filesystem and an attached disk drive (if available). In addition, they can also scan a specific directory (including subdirectories) or a remote folder, simply by clicking the gear button on main toolbar.

In order to scan a remote directory, the application will require the IP address of the remote machine. It supports SMB (Samba shared folders from other OSes, such as Microsoft Windows) and keeps a history of previous connections.

Bottom line

All in all, Baobab or Disk Usage Analyzer is a great and easy to use application for the GNOME desktop environment. It helps you to quickly analyze the usage of specific folder and device.

Baobab was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on March 25th, 2015
Baobab - The main window, where users can analyze folders on local or remote disk drives
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