Simple Monitor 1.1

Simple Monitor is a SuperKaramba theme inspired by the simple but effective 'Very Simple Monitors' theme.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Simple Monitor
Simple Monitor is a SuperKaramba theme inspired by the simple but effective "Very Simple Monitors" theme by the user humanthing. Some values are not displayed properly though in Very Simple Monitors (network values and IP). This could be because of different setups. My computer is pretty standard so my theme should function properly on most pc's.

I like a tight and clean desktop, so I simplified the idea even more. This theme is showing all basic information, and nothing more.

Here are some key features of "Simple Monitor":

Processors type
Processor speed
Processor load (number and graph, for one proc)
Processor Temperature
Amount of ram used / amount of ram
amount of swap used / amount of swap
amound of HDD space used / amount of HDD space total (for "/root" and "/home")
HDD temperatue (for "/hda", I could add another drive if requested)
Computer name
Computer ip
Network load (up- and download, values and graph)
Amount of transfered data thrue internet (up- and download) since last boot

What's New in This Release:

Made the three blocks clickable.
The CPU block opens Processor information
The Memory block opens KsysGuard (you'll need to have it installed to be able open it, obviously. It's in Kubuntu by default)
the Network block opens your computers ip settings window
Added a line for your computers uptime
Changed font colors to very dark gray and very light gray, instead of black and white, to make it look softer.

Last updated on April 6th, 2007

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