GlassHUDX 0.6

GlassHUDX is a beautiful system monitoring theme for SuperKaramba.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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GlassHUDX is a beautiful system monitoring theme for SuperKaramba. GlassHUDX is inspired by the wonderful GlassHUD theme from mytharak. It uses modified versions of the backgrounds and some of the layout ideas.

GlassHUDX consists of the following widgets:

Glassmem - a memory sensor widget

Displays total memory, used memory,free memory w/o buffers/cache and free memory including buffers/cache.
Middle-clicking the widget displays the top 10 processes using memory resources.

Glasscpu - a simple CPU monitor

Displays CPU type and CPU clock and shows CPU usage as graph.
Middle-clicking the widget displays the top 10 processes using CPU resources.
The design is very close to the original GlassHUD CPU monitor.

Glassclock - a simple time and date display

Simple clock in 12/24 hour format.
Launches Korganizer when you click on the date meter.
Configuration option for 24 hour or 12 hour display.
Configuration option for date format strings.

Glasstemp - a sensor widget

Displays CPU temperature, MB temperature and CPU fan speed.
Temperatures are in Celsius. To display temperatures in
Fahrenheit, add TEMPUNIT=F to the KARAMBA line in glasstemp.theme.

You need the sensors program installed for this widget to work.

Glassmounter - a device mounter inspired by Ibayuk's MountApp for WMaker

Mounts devices and displays the mount state of the selected device. Any number of devices can be added. The selected device can be mounted, unmounted or ejected (if supported). Clicking on the device name mounts the device (if unmounted) and launches a filemanger. The filemanager command can be configured (default is "kfmclient exec").

Glasswifi - a wireless monitor and launch widget

Starts/stops a wireless interface.
Displays the link quality and either signal/noise level or bytes in/out.
The wireless interface can be set through the configuration menu (default is ath0)

Have a look at the README for the configuration of the widgets

Any bug reports and improvements are welcome.



What's New in This Release:

glassmem added

glassmem and glasscpu
- Middle-clicking now displays the top 10 tasks using CPU/Memory resources.

- Design changes. Sensors are now slightly larger than labels.

- Fixed bug in device handling, that required re-loading the widget for proper display of added devices
- More eye-candy.

- Design changes.

Last updated on June 28th, 2006

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