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An enhanced and open source drop-in replacement for the popular MySQL database server

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Percona Server is an open source, cross-platform and totally free software project that has been designed from the ground up as a drop-in replacement for the popular and widely used MySQL database engine/server.

While Percona Server is actually an enhanced version of the InnoDB storage engine designed for MariaDB and MySQL database servers, it includes full backward compatibility and it’s based on the Percona XtraDB Storage Engine project.

Features at a glance

Percona Server is scalable, as it handles more concurrent transactions on powerful servers, performant, as it uses a fast IO path, fast checksums, and improved internal cooperation, as well as flexible, with variable page size, configurable insert buffer, and better table and buffer pool management.

Percona Server is also extremely reliable and stable, featuring resilience to corrupted data and crash-safe transactional replication, manageable, with support for online backups, InnoDB table import/export functionality, fast recovery, and configurable data dictionary.

What can I do with Percona Server?

When using the Percona Server on your servers, your queries will run more consistently and a lot faster than with other similar products, it is possible to achieve higher uptime, as well as to save money on hosting power and unnecessary fees.

Furthermore, you will spend less time administering and optimizing your database server, and be able to build up state-of-the-art servers on powerful hardware. Additionally, guesswork is not required for troubleshooting and sharding can be avoided or delayed.

Under the hood and availability

The program is written entirely in the C++ programming language and it’s distributed as pre-built binary package for Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux/Fedora operating systems, as well as source tarballs. At the moment, it has been successfully tested with both 32-bit and 64-bit instruction set architectures. A comprehensive manual is available on the project’s website.

Percona Server was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 16th, 2015
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