Dbvisit 5.3

Enterprise class database replication software product

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What's new in Dbvisit 5.3:

  • ASM support. The standby database can now be created in ASM as well, Oracle’s proprietary file system format. This completes the types of standby databases that can be created with Dbvisit.
  • Templates. To make the disaster recovery process simpler, faster and more convenient for DBAs the Dbvisit standby database creation wizard now includes the option to create a template. This template stores all the information on how the standby database was created. When the standby database needs to be recreated, for example after a failover situation, this template can be used for fast and simple recreation.
  • Transportable Media support. Some databases are too large to transfer across the network. Now the Dbvisit standby database creation process includes an option to interface with a local removable disk. This disk can then be manually transported to the remote site where the creation of the standby database can be restarted and completed.
  • Ability to customize the standby pfile/spfile settings before creation of the standby database. These settings will be saved in the template for easy recreation of the standby database.
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Dbvisit is for Oracle database users who require business continuity and high availability (HA) in case of a disaster, outage or failure, but do not want to upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Edition to enable Data Guard.

Dbvisit is now considered one of the most popular disaster recovery and replication solutions worldwide for Oracle databases.

DR is about costs and simplicity
Oracle Disaster Recovery used to be the domain of large corporate organisations because of the costs and complexity involved. Now with Dbvisit, DR has become accessible for all types of organisations because of the reduced cost and simplicity. Save 85% on Oracle license fees by choosing Dbvisit.

The list of companies already using Dbvisit is impressive. Please check out some of our customers and what they have to say about Dbvisit.

Are you prepared for a data disaster?
93% of companies that suffer significant data loss are out of business within 5 years (US Bureau of Labour). Oracle Disaster Recovery (DR) is vital, without it your business could shut down. More and more companies are required to comply with industry regulations in terms of security and data accountability.

What is Dbvisit?
Dbvisit is an automated standby database disaster recovery and high-availability software solution and is a real alternative for Oracle Data Guard without the cost and complexity. See a comparison between Dbvisit and Data Guard. Dbvisit works with Oracle RAC, Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE), Oracle Standard Edition (SE), Standard One, XE and other Oracle features such as ASM, OMF and Flash Recovery (FRA).

Unlike other solutions our product is flexible, cost-effective, easy to use and does not require upgrading to Oracle Enterprise Edition to be protected in case of internal and external disasters or failures.

Dbvisit even creates the standby database to save time and reduce complexity.

How does it work?
Dbvisit automates the synchronisation of a hot standby database at a remote or local location. A standby database is like having an online hot backup of your database instantly available 24x7. There is no need to restore in the event of a disaster (which is very time consuming), as there is instant data recovery and database recovery. It is possible to switch over to the standby database in a matter of minutes to allow business continuity in an emergency.

Why Dbvisit:
Unlike other generic Disaster Recovery products, we focus solely on Oracle and do not compromise on features and functionality to ensure that your Oracle databases and investment in Oracle are protected. We support all Oracle features such as RAC, ASM, OMF and Flash Recovery, maximising your benefit of using Oracle.

Dbvisit is a cost-effective Oracle standby database solution compared with upgrading to Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE) to enable utilisation of Oracle Data Guard. The price difference between Oracle Standard Edition (SE) and Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE) is US$30,000 per processor.

Reporting - return on investment:
Dbvisit maximises return on standby hardware investment as processing loads can be offset to the standby database. For example, your standby database can be used for reporting or datawarehousing purposes which would otherwise impact your primary database. Or backup your database in the middle of the day from your standby database.

What makes Dbvisit successful:
Dbvisit is a great simple alternative to Data Guard. Dbvisit has all the main features of Data Guard and more. Dbvisit is easier to use and more secure than Data Guard. There are no complex commands to learn and the database does not have to be reconfigured. Dbvisit is a safe, robust, efficient and secure solution for any business wanting to ensure disaster recovery.

Last updated on September 16th, 2010

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