SQLOne 3.6

SQLOne is a keyword based multi-database search engine application.

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SQLOne is a keyword based multi-database search engine application.

SQLOne allows you to find the required information across multiple enterprise databases. You can search any database just as easily as you would search the Web. Enterprises can use SQLOne database search engine to get an integrated view of data across databases with its relationships and context intact. Currently supports MySQL database search, Oracle database search and SQL Server database search.

SQLOne is much more than a database full text search. Contrary to full text search engines, SQLOne offers a unique feature of fetching data not just from the matching tables, but also from its related tables, thus providing a complete view. It also offers the feature of searching across multiple databases.

SQLOne integrates seamlessly with existing Websites, enterprise applications and portals. Wide range of SQLOne built-in admin tools allow you to easily customize the search behavior to suit your specific requirements.

Here are some key features of "SQLOne":

Searches information scattered across multiple databases
Employs familiar keyword driven web-based search interface
Automatic categorization, enabling quick multi-dimensional navigation to search results
Powerful HTTP based XML API to integrate SQLOne search in to your existing application
Uses intelligent ranking to show most relevant results upfront
Search and Result fetching considers primary-foreign key relationship between tables to provide complete information of the entity being searched
Generates SQL queries for matching results
Useful for database exploration and analysis with search, query generation, data model analysis and query execution features
On-the-fly Search Result View customization in minutes, without writing a line of code
Powerful SQLOne Administrative Console to manage and monitor search
Enables seamless integration of SQLOne Search into your website or enterprise portal/Intranet


The Free Edition allows up to 2 GB of search index database space for unlimited period.

Last updated on February 12th, 2008

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